This catalogue is one of two volumes published in conjunction with the Second Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Prints held at Today Art Museum, Beijing in 2011. The present volume pertains to the 'Print·Concept' section of the exhibition, which explores the conceptual aspects of printmaking. It encompasses works in a variety of media, some of which are not usually associated with printmaking. The works of 23 participating artists are presented, along with woodblock prints by 'Special Guest Artist' Fang Lijun. Each artist has written a text to accompany their work. Artist biographies are also provided.
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Ban hua gai nian di er jie zhong guo dang dai ban hua xue shu zhan

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起步與征途──寫在第二屆中國當代版畫學術展前面 - ZHANG Zikang, 張子康
我們的問題 - LI Fan, 李帆
有關版畫的學習和創作 - FANG Lijun, 方力鈞
以版畫的名義 - CHEN Qi, 陳琦
數碼版畫的定義 - CHEN Xiaowen, 陳小文
四維營造:藝術家書籍中的藝術性復述 - GUO Leilei, 郭蕾蕾
“C城市的那點事”工作筆記 - HUANG Jingyuan, 黃靜遠
版畫的服務意義 - HUANG Yang, 黃洋
關於中國版畫在今天的思考 - JIANG Miao, 姜淼
關於作品《口述歷史》 - KONG Guoqiao, 孔國橋
創作隨筆 - KOU Jianghui, 冦疆暉
我的版畫 - LIU Liping, 劉麗萍
關於版畫 - LIU Ye, 劉野
關於參與“版畫‧概念”展覽所引發的思考 - SHI Xinji, 史新驥
反向的態度 - WANG Haiyang, 王海洋
版畫的速度 - WU Jianan, 鄔建安
關於第二屆中國當代版畫學術展的個人思考 - XU Baozhong, 徐寶中
複數的意義──中國當代版畫藝術展訪談 - XU Bing, 徐冰
它山之石 可以攻玉──關於全國第二屆版畫學術展的一些思考 - XUE Guangchen, 薛廣陳
怎樣嗑瓜子 - YAN Jun, 顏峻
用版畫思維進行創作 - YANG Yumin, 楊煜旻
關於參加此次版畫展引發的思考 - ZHOU Danmei, 周丹媚
關於《中國綢緞》 - ZHUANG Hui, 莊輝, Daner, 旦兒
The Second Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Prints: Print·Concept
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The Second Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Prints: Print·Concept, 版畫‧概念──第二屆中國當代版畫學術展