New Delhi artists Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra work collaboratively in a wide variety of media including painting, graphics, videos, music, interiors, and product design. Their works reference fashion and advertising as much as the history of painting, combine cutting-edge computer graphics with retro-styled accessories, and posit flatness against trompe l'oeil deep space.

As said by Peter Nagy, 'For Jiten Thukral & Sumir Targa an education in art seemed an appropriate place from which to enter a multiplicity of spheres. In fact, their initial creative endeavors were realized in the fields of graphic and product design, advertising, and commercial interior design. Only after creating a cohesive style operable in these different disciplines did they feel comfortable to take on the rarified precincts of painting and sculpture. Function followed form, certainly, and the collaborative duo branded as Thukral & Targa successfully negotiated the fabrication of an identifiable style before they began concentrating on its various applications. Intuitive rather than premeditated, little did they realize that their own peripatetic aesthetic mirrored similar concerns of international artists.'

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Thukral & Targa: The Alluring Snare of Deceptive Scenographies - Peter NAGY
Put it On - Trevor SMITH
Thukral & Targa
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