This catalogue is published on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition of Taiwanese artist Mei Dean-E held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei from May to August 2014.

'Mei has adopted the rebellious spirit of Dada and its method of appropriating ready-made objects. based on the rules of paradox and puns, he has created his own "ambivalent" visual language and artistic style. He also collects and transforms common objects, and uses them in his long-term preoccupation with identity and the political ecology, filling seemingly serious subject matters with wit and humour. This exhibition showcases the nearly forty-year career of Dean-E Mei, reviewing his works from 1976 to 2014.' - excerpted from foreword

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The Prospects of Retrospection in Wanted: Dean-E Mei | 「尋梅啟事」回顧意義的展望 - MEI Deane, 梅丁衍
Interview with Dean-E Mei | 梅丁衍訪談錄 - CHEN Yening, 陳盈瑛
The Identity Problem, and Problematical Identity: On Wanted Dean-E Mei and the Quest for Identity | 認同的問題,與有問題的認同:從追尋身分認同的「尋梅啟事」談起 - KUO Lihsin, 郭力昕
Anatomy of a Reversal - Crossing the Identity Barrier: Interpreting Silk-Road - Broche China, Centerpiece of Wanted Dean-E Mei | 反身現形記·穿越認同迷障:閱讀「尋梅啟事」中心地帶的《思愁之路-錦繡華夏》 - HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴
The Artistic Revelations of Wanted Dean-E Mei: Dean-E Mei's Commemorative Expression and Social Intervention | 「尋梅啟事」的藝術啟示:關於梅丁衍「紀念性」的表演形式與社會介入態度 - KAO Chienhui, 高千惠
Wanted Dean-E Mei: A Retrospective
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Wanted Dean-E Mei: A Retrospective, 尋梅啟事:1976 - 2014 回顧