Through the Forest Project, Chinese artist Xu Bing gathers capital for replanting the forest in Kenya. He teaches children in Kenya how to draw trees and sells their works through the internet. In this way the trees drawn by children on paper can be transformed into real trees growing in Kenya. He also aims at making this project sustainable.

The present publication accompanies the exhibition entitled 'Xu Bing Forest Project' held at He Xiang Ning Art Museum, Shenzhen, from November to December 2009. The exhibition shows the preliminary result of the project and is composed of four parts: 1. Exhibiting 20 paintings by children in Kenya; 2. Combining the children's paintings into three large forest landscape paintings by Xu Bing; 3. Exhibiting paintings by Shenzhen children; 4. Exhibiting documentation of the project such as sketches, text and images.

Artist biography and bibliography included. A supplementary booklet (education kit of the project) is also enclosed.
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Xu bing mu lin sen ji hua | Solo 09_03 | Solo Exhibition Series 2009 of He Xiangning Art Museum No.3

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關於《木‧林‧森》計劃 - XU Bing, 徐冰
天工開物 - 關於徐冰的《木‧林‧森》計劃 - WANG Xiaosong, 王曉松
'找回大森林' - 與肯尼亞兒童的植樹計劃 - XU Bing, 徐冰
愚昧作為一種養料 - XU Bing, 徐冰
Xu Bing Forest Project
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Xu Bing Forest Project, 徐冰《木‧林‧森》計劃