It is the catalogue published conjunction to the exhibition Yukio Fujimoto: Reading to Another Dimension at the Center for Contemporary Graphic Art and Tyler Graphics Archive Collection from August 4 to October 13, 2001.

Yukio Fujimoto has continued to focus his artistic activities on the principle theme of how we receive information. In this exhibition, Fujimoto refers to recorded and transmitted informatio as "books." He is, however, not only referring to books in the literal sense of the word, but also examining the entirety of humanity's intellectual creations as "books," just as how religious paintings and church architecture were, in a sense, "books" that served to communicate the contents of the Scriptures.

Using as his subjects the literary and artistic creations of both East and West, past and present, he offers new possibilities for the "reading" of these "books" through works that provide a composite experience based on diverse perceptual means.

Artist chronology and bibliography are included.
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Memoranda for Reading to Another Dimension - Yukio FUJIMOTO, 藤本由紀夫
Yukio Fujimoto: Reading to Another Dimension
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Yukio Fujimoto: Reading to Another Dimension