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Beyond the Borders (The inaugural Kwangju Biennale) - James B. LEE
Readymade Biennale (More on the Kwangju Biennale) - Eleanor HEARTNEY
The Necessity of Craft (Women and craft in the Asia-Pacific region) - Ana P. LABRADOR
The Good The Bad The Indifferent (The 1995 Osaka Triennale) - John CLARK, 姜苦樂
Asian Modernism (A major historical survey exhibition in Tokyo) - Toshio SHIMIZU, 清水敏男
Censorship in Hong Kong (A banned Beuys rhino horn and an indecent Frink) - David CLARKE, 祈大衛
Unsaleable Art (Rental galleries in Tokyo) - Satoru NAGOYA
The Spaces Between (Korean Art in Japan) - Hideki NAKAMURA, 中村英樹
Cultural Orientations (Art from the Netherlands and Indonesia) - Martinus Dwi Marianto
Harvest Moon (The Ssack exhibition at the Sonje Museum) - JUNG Hunyee, 정헌이
Alternative Spaces and Radical Pleasures (Department store art) - LEE Wengchoy, 李永財
Everyday Sightings (An interview with Wang Youshen) - Melissa CHIU, 招穎思
Imagining Reality (Contemporary Chinese photography) - DEWAR Susan
Letting Go (The artist as chef- Rirkrit Tiravanija) - Alice YANG, 楊蕙如
Cyber Chic (The artist as Model- Mariko Mori) - Kathleen Finlay MAGNAN
Mind Body and Soul (The photographic and computer art of Rea) - Antonia CARVER
On Not Being Japanese (The sculpted jewellery of Catherine Truman) - Julie EWINGTON
Totally Wired (Jacqueline Fraser's poetics of space) - Wendy VAIGRO
Performing Bodies (Singaporean artist Amanda Heng) - Natalie KING
Between the Pot and the Sword (The art of N.N. Rimzon) - Victoria LYNN
Songspace (The art of Nilima Sheikh) - Kamala KAPOOR
Gallery Report: Galerie Kyoto Chirathivat - Jennifer GAMPELL
Reviews: (Australia) Out of the Grasslands - Yiyang SHAO
Reviews: (United States) Chinoiserie - Alice YANG, 楊蕙如
Reviews: (India) A Tree in My Life - Gayatri SINHA
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ART AsiaPacific (Vol. 3, No. 2; 1996)