As a fringe activity of the 2003 Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition, How to See Hong Kong Art was a project organised by 1a Space and the Baptist University to introduce participants to, and to generate discussion of contemporary art in Hong Kong. The present publication features essays written by a few participants as well as by artists and art practitioners who gave talks in the project. With prefaces by Choi Yanchi and the editor, Ivy Ma.
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Part I: Participants Articles
Thinking about the Art of Hong Kong - LAM Meichu, 林美珠
From 1a Space to Room for Discussion: The Possibility for Art Organisations to Initiate Mass Dsicussions on Cultural Matters - LEUNG Mingfai, 梁明暉
Artist-in-Western and Art in Hospitals: Looking at Community Art through the Development of Art Venues - WONG Kinheng, 黃建衡
A Cultural Start for the People of Hong Kong - NG Winnie
A Discourse of Hong Kong Art from the Perspective of Its Value - WONG Yuepang, 黃宇鵬
Art vs. Design - PANG Garcia
Living in the Present Age: My Impression of Hon Chi Fun - LEUNG Mingfai, 梁明暉
Part II: Speakers' Articles
'Better to Have No Meat in the Diet than to Live in an Environment without Bamboos' - Francis YU, 余偉聯
Random Notes on Hong Kong Visual Art - CHAN Yukkeung Kurt, 陳育強
How I 'See' Art: From Painting to City (Visual) Cultural Project - SIU Kingchung, 蕭競聰
How I 'See' Hong Kong Art: Before and After the 1997 Handover - HO Siukee, 何兆基
Part IV: Programme Review
How to See Hong Kong Art
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How to See Hong Kong Art, 如何看香港藝術